THE LOOK (2007/2009) - With the primary functionality completed, it was time to give the Jet that special look required to own the road.  The massive size of the Jet posed a serious dalema when it came to finding a shop that could retrofit a mold of that magnitude.  Once the right team was assembled to complete the task, many hours went into making changes and completing the final product.  It took close to a year of trial, error and to mount.  Now with the Jet looking proper, it was time to relocate the Jet to Chicago where Exotic Coach was headquartered.  

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SEEING RED (2017/2018) - Hitting the nail on the head was extra critical when it came to the final painting of this vehicle.  Let's face it, nobody would care about the blood, sweat and tears if the final look wasn't perfect.  After several failed attempts and thousands of dollars in materials, we finally settled with a dark candy red that complimented the original concept presented in 2006. It was during this time we became aware the Mr. Dan Harris had passed away (RIP  2015).  With the terrible news, our hearts weighed heavy and an added sense of determination drove us to push a little harder to complete the Jet.  

OVER-THE-TOP (2011/2012) - As the project progressed, so did our vision.  We wanted an all-around show stopping machine.  Upon completion of the front-end, we turned to Jerry at Showtime Audio located in Chicago He gave us just the boost we were looking for. Showtime outfitted the Limo-Jet with exterior door panels to showcase our sponsors equipment inside and out.  Additionally he assisted us with a sleek dash board which later we installed cameras and monitors.  Jerry and his installers embraced the Limo-Jet concept and dedicated many hours of R & D to create this once-in-a-lifetime master piece.

THE FINISH LINE (2017/2018) - With the end in site, we began to step-up our manufacturing efforts three fold.  In late 2017, our friends form Atrendplanted a very important seed.  They wanted to be the first major sponsors for the Limo-Jet and unveil it at the Knowledge Fest in Dallas Texas, 2018.  Now with a goal set, we began to target the deadline at a furious pace.  With helping hands from Victor at VIP Coach design, Paul from Atrend and Mac from Race Sport Lighting, the final crew made it a dream come to reality.  We made it to Dallas with not a minute to spare! Check out our YOUTUBE for some great final trim work.

THE BEGINNING (2005/2006) - A concept vehicle called the "Learmousine" was introduced to a company named Exotic Coach and owned by Frank DeAngelo.  Known for wild rides, Exotic Coach was more than willing to leap into this adventure.  The original designer Dan Harris otherwise know as "Super Dan" began construction on the Jet in Bend, Oregon.  It was there that the heartbeat of this vehicle began. A steel skeleton frame was required to give the Lear Aluminum fuselage more support.   It took approximately 2 years of R & D to construct the rear engine bay, drive train, suspension, electrical and computer systems.  

History of The Limo-Jet

Special thanks to Micheal at MIK Limo.  Without you, the project may have never come to life.  Your love for crazy and wild rides lives and breathes inside the Limo-Jet.  We look forward to a long-lasting friendship and partnership! 

THE LITTLE & BIG DETAILS (2013/2014) - Now it was time to get serious.  Building a Limo-Jet during one of the worst recessions of our times was not on the initial top 10 list of hurdles to jump through.  Although the Limo-Jet project had made it through several bumps and bruises, it was still being pushed along as quickly as possible.  Considering the Jet was primarily made up of Aluminum, it required a team of experts to complete all of the important details such as entry door enclosures, folding rear upper wing and side Jet engine turbines.  It took several months of work to secure these details in order to prepare for paint.  

CHICAGO-BOUND (2010/2011) - Shipping this monster cross country was not an easy task.  Cutting off the tail section at the time was the only solution but it made it safe and sound into it's new home in Chicago.  From there, work began right away on the front section.  NOT SO FAST!  By no means was this a simple process. More R & D was required to create a steering solution, proper braking/hydroboost, suspension and front-end alignment.  If that wasn't hard enough, making it look like a beast on wheels was an important mission. We desired a sleek roadster look to compliment the 28" wheels which we believe we accomplished.

Special thanks to Ernie and his entire crew for helping get the Limo-Jet to where it is today.  From day 1, you believed in the dream and we look forward to many more shows and events!

A BODY OF EVIDENCE (2015/2016) - Considering not many people on the planet had ever painted a Limo-Jet, it took an arsenal of R & D to complete the body work to perfection.  It was around this time that Frank DeAngelo teamed up with Michael Kashevatsky from MIK Limo.  Friends and partners in the limousine industry, Micheal shared in the vision of creating the world's first Limo-Jet and together they formed a new company currently known as Jetsetter, Inc. Until this moment, the Limo-Jet was only a dream but now with two strong partners, the finish line became a reality and the final end date was near.  

Special thanks to Jerry and his crew at Showtime Audio.  Your dedication to providing amazing craftsmanship surely is on display with the Limo-Jet.

Limo-Jet Contributers

Special thanks to Chris and his team at ELC Limo Designs.  For over two years, the Limo-Jet took shelter at your location and we appreciate the help and efforts of you and your entire crew.  

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